Good Help.

Helping small organisations do big things


Good Help offers tailored support to small, busy organisations. We grew out of a desire to use our skills for good, and we believe that real change happens on the ground. We know that sometimes generating this change means there’s no time left for those other important (but often back office) jobs. That's where we come in!


We help you build your strategic direction so that your organisation, funders and partners know where you’re headed.


We develop policies and procedures that work for your organisation. These keep things running smoothly.


We write compelling tender applications to ensure you have the funding you need to deliver your services.

We're also happy to work with you on one-off projects focused on collaboration, measuring impact or describing the value of the work you do.


Good Help will partner with your organisation to help you reach your goals. We believe that work should be fun, creative and focused on outcomes. We aim to leave you with a product that excites you, is useful and sets you up well in the long-term.

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Our Vision

Community organisations strategically tackle New Zealand’s wicked problems.

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Our Mission

To help community organisations develop strategy, policy and procedures that help them deliver on their mission.

Our Values

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We put people and relationships first.

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We are fun and creative.

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We push the boundaries to test what's possible.

With us, you won’t get a standard template or one-size-fits-all approach, but tailored, specialised support that works for you.


Meet the team behind Good Help!

A photo of Lachlan

Lachlan Cartwright

co-founder, strategist, people leader

Lachlan has a background in policy, service delivery and people leadership. He brings a breadth of knowledge, political savvy, strategic expertise and deep analytical skills. Lachlan uses these skills to uncover an organisations strengths, articulate them and use them to position for the future.

When he's not at Good Help, you'll find Lachlan mountain biking, drinking great coffee and playing guitar.

A photo of Rosie

Rosie Anderson

co-founder, connector, positive human

Rosie has a background in policy, law and working for young people. She loves to partner with others to achieve shared goals. Rosie is energetic, strategic, empathetic and a connector. She uses these skills to leave customers with new ideas, beautiful products and strategic partnerships.

In her spare time, Rosie swims, tramps and avidly consumes podcasts. You can also find her curled up with a good book.

A photo of a campervan


house, office, transport

We'd be lying if we said we knew Myrtle's full history - she's a van of many secrets. What we do know is that she started out as a rental, and served a few other families before she joined ours. We've made some slight changes (we've added solar power, internet and a heater) so she works well as our mobile office as well as our home!


We would love to connect, hear about the work you do and chat about how we might be able to help. We work right across the country and we’re happy to come to you.